JusSol made this song cry with her melancholy voice and lyrics
— Vocalo Radio

Photo credit Keeley

Before there was JusSoL, a free-spirited raspy voiced sol singer/songwriter/part-time rapper, there was just Liz. Liz was and well still is a nice, quiet, passive, emotional hopeless romantic who tries to find the silver lining in the darkest of skies. However, when the Chicago south side native was tired of quietly wearing her heart on her sleeve she evolved into this powerful still hopeless and still romantic voice that could mend the brokenhearted while making the saddest of sols weep known as JusSoL. Jus doesn’t want people to hear her music she wants them to feel it so she ends every live performance with a question to the audience “Did you feel that shit” and they always, with enthusiasm respond, “I felt it.” You can feel every word, every melody and every emotion she poured into her music in her performances. Her latest project “SOLmATE” is one that was felt by many.

Her love for 90s R&B shines through every melody and every lyrics that she pens as she has shifted her focus to creating music that discusses REAL love, becoming disappointing by love and being lost in it. She believes that with love all things are possible including the one thing we all seem to desire, freedom.

Under her former moniker "Sunnie Storm" she was able to use her voice to connect with so many sols performing at AAHH Fest alongside Lupe Fiasco, Common, and MC Lyte, garnishing features in the Chicago Suntime and RedEye. She hopes to continue to connect with and spread love to more beautiful people as “JusSol” but on a larger scale and she is well on her way. Her single “Problems and Pain” was in rotation at Vocalo Radio and UIC’s Bullpen radio. In addition, she was given the opportunity to perform at Vans’s “SESSIONS,” a free art and music showcase. There is more work to be done, more love to be spread and more feelings to get into so Jus is just getting started.




Photo credit Chollette